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Saturday, August 19, 2006
IE7 allows you to customize search bar
You can easily add searches to IE7 at search plugins for IE7 and Firefox. There are already hundreds of searches that have been added and they can be browsed. IE7 uses the OpenSearch format to add searches.
Yahoo Click fraud class action lawsuit
In a hypothetical lawsuit, suppose a class of people had bought a car. The manufacturer had said it had 21 cubic feet of storage. A class action lawsuit is brought claiming it has only 20.85 cubic feet of storage. Without admitting wrongdoing, the manufacturer and the class action lawyers agree that the affected people would get a coupon worth $50 toward their next car from that manufacturer and the lawyer gets $5 million. Maybe only 1% of the people actually use the coupon. Thus it cost the company 50 cents per use to agree to this.

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