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Saturday, July 26, 2003
Inka describes the inhumane slaughter of chickens and cows.
rigger: ok, from now on I guess I can only eat mopane worms Inkanyezi?
100 ... No, we meant to order 400!!!
Which business woman got an order for 100 Bobbin Bay's only to have them call back and increase the order to 400! Brenn, that's who.
Hates Hawaii
Leabhar doesn't like hawaii because of the tropical breezes, birds, and beaches
Twice blessed are we
Because in a rare case of coincidence, both Goofett and Leabhar showed up today!
Can bamboo farming be profitable?
We have a resident expert on bamboo farming, and that's TMG. He also knows a lot about bookz. Along with Helius, daphne, and MajorJ, they are considering "#mensa bamboo co, Ltd"
D8's what?
D8 says "i used to have 'the internet encylopedia of philosophy' bookmarked, but i must have deleted it in a fit of nihilism"
Friday, July 25, 2003
if you need any of Sarlacc's time, he says he's booked solid for the rest of the year workwise WM-data COM. What about non-workwise?
Thursday, July 24, 2003
New Kittens
I suspect everyone, everyone likes kittens. Well, maybe not RDa. So ask Venn about his new kitten. His name is Tubbs.
Atlanta will rise again
What southern belle will be headed to Atlanta for her vacation? Rosa, that's who.
Holiday in Shetland
It's great to hear that Clanger is headed to Shetland for his holiday. Bring us back a pony, Clanger!
How to spend money
Good news in the Malton household. Ask about it! And Malton is busy planning on how to spend it!
Wednesday, July 23, 2003
Clanger reports he is improving his Gaelic by watching TV. I guess I'm improving my English by watching reruns of "The Love Boat"
The Eaglet has landed!
Eaglet has returned after fixing his computer and reports that he will be headed to Ft. Myers shortly.
Tuesday, July 22, 2003
Astarte's main squeeze Steve has his picture show up in the Roach's journey!
Who would have thought! You have to follow The lair of the roach link and then go to the journey's link.
Shanti Shanti
Owjiii is recommending this artist group: Shanti Shanti
Monday, July 21, 2003
Brenn's cat sends her a message
When Brenn didn't properly carry out her toiletry maintenance duties, the cat decided her litter box wasn't clean enough so she used the carpet at the top of the stairs.
Tiggie is underappreciated at work
So if you could call her boss at 1-800-ARCH4YOU and let him know that Tiggie needs more!
Wenda seems to be enjoying the pleasant summer days
That's why her nick is often WenMolten recently
This is birthday week for Malton, but not her birthday week
Malton's family has four birthdays this week. It was her son-in-laws yesterday, her mother's and eldest grandson's on thursday and her youngest daughter's this coming sunday
Sunday, July 20, 2003
BookBoa read all the shakespeare plays when she was 12
This is probably why she works a 'Prithee' into some of her conversations.
Did you know that kiter has FOUR snakes, not counting...
...BobG. One is named after bookboa and the others are Hugo; the ball pythons are named Thelonius and Zoe, and the blood python's name is Bella
How the bug wins friends and influences people
newtronic> So Bug, aren't you spending a LITTLE too much time on the computer, and not enough with your hostess?
bookboa> i'm sure his hostess is relieved :)
TheFiend was in the channel
following a visit by miniFiend and we learned to our surprise that TheFiend is TheBrother to PiLunG.

Inka gave bread making lessons
to her students: TMG and Helius. One of her references was to Recipe Pita Bread: The Web's Best Recipe Pita Bread

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