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Saturday, August 16, 2003
Rosa knows the score
Rosa` Mention food and newtronic comes... mention bikinis and MajorJ comes
Thursday, August 14, 2003
Here is Tef's position on taxes
Tef9> )@(%*)#*%)@#%*(
newtronic> I've never seen tef cuss like a sailor before
Tef9> newt OH you hsould hear me ask astarte:)
Tef9> she has heard me on the phone:)
newtronic> is it true, astarte?
astarte> YES!!!!
Wednesday, August 13, 2003
RDa puts forth a major policy initiative for the channel
RDa> I propose we establish a popup that advances all the usual misconceptions about intelligence that get run through here from time to time. It would save a lot of time and typing.
RDa> Label it something like Intelligence Folklore.
News and so on
Here's a place for turtle news if you're interested.
d8's Home Security System
(in reference to his bug travelog picture)
brenn1> d8? 12 g ?
d8> mosberg 560
d8> and completely legal, too
brenn1> fer them ducks
d8> this one is not for ducks
d8> two legged predators, brenn
brenn1> ah, the locals
d8> yup

Tuesday, August 12, 2003
sometimes #windowsXP has surprising guests
Just today Carmie was seen in attendance.
What happens when d8 and sir_roach meet up?
You end up with dbugged8. here's the latest update of the traveling bug.

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