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Thursday, September 11, 2003
Eaglet and his sayings
eaglet-> 'Never argue with a man who buys inkanyezi by the barrel.'
Wednesday, September 10, 2003
Invictus rats on Tanbal
tanbal> ... but this "topic" has a degree of lameness only SirRoach could match (or create)
* tanbal has quit IRC (Quit)
* Sir_Roach has joined #mensa
Invictus-> tanbal: ... but this "topic" has a degree of lameness only SirRoach could match (or create)
newtronic> hi, Sir_Roach
newtronic> I can't believe that vic just ratted tanbal out
Invictus-> LOL
* Sir_Roach will have words w/ M. Tanbal
Tuesday, September 09, 2003
Peterre reveals his true colors.....
peterre> I don't eat as much fat as many Atkins dieters do, although today I fell for temptation :(
Rosa`> oooo what'd you eat!
peterre> Roasted chicken skin is soooooooo delicious
peterre> I ate the skin off a whole chicken :((((
Tom_Joad gets all the easy ones
brenn1> how are you guys?
Tom_Joad> try an easier question Brenn
brenn1> Define the universe in 10 words or less and give 3 examples
Tom_Joad> The Universe is where we store all our stuff
Tom_Joad> such as planets
Tom_Joad> stars
Tom_Joad> and porno tapes
Tom_Joad> see that was easy

Sunday, September 07, 2003
Basic Food Groups vs peterre
bookboa>the next segment is about deep fried twinkies
peterre> What are twinkies?
bookboa> a noxious pastry, peterre
brenn1>oh yes, they're truly horrible. And one of the basic food groups along w/ coke, pizza and chocolate
peterre> And then you make them truly horrific by frying them?
peterre> It sounds as though increased Twinkie consumption could be the answer to the pensions crisis.
peterre> along with Coke
Britomart> did I not tell you about the deep fried pizza ?
Britomart> hey I took the roach to a krispee kreeme here
peterre> What's krispee kreeme?
bookboa> respectable twinkie, peterre :)
peterre> When did ppl over there stop eating real food?

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