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Saturday, September 06, 2003
Now We Know (and philosophers have argued for centuries)
The #Mensa Blog

Smack^: i have a ques
Smack^: when is nudity art vs porn?
Grax_: art from 9 am to 7 pm. porn after those hours
Friday, September 05, 2003
RDa has a Grandbaby, er, GrandPUPPY!
Yes, RDa is the proud Grandpa of a beautiful baby boy Boxer named Alvis.

To see Alvis go to:

We couldn't be prouder :)
Zen and the Art of Garage Door Maintenance
Invictus`> normally a garage door opener is *inside* a garage in this instance it would be outside
eaglet-> can you extend just the receiver sensor outside and leave the rest where it is?
Inkanyezi> automatic garage door opener?
Invictus`> eaglet there is NO garage or garage door
Invictus`> all i have is the opener (a used one i got free)
Inkanyezi> if there is no garage, how can you open it?
eaglet-> okay - what are you trying to do with it then?
turtle_> it is a zen garage
Invictus`> the idea is for the lady to come home at any time down a dark alley and be able to switch on the yard lights from her car
d8> an infinite garage, perhaps
turtle_> somewhere to park your karma
Thursday, September 04, 2003
Brenn gets an order for 400 bobbin bays and regrets it
...because she has to work

kiter> anything I could do to help you out, brenn?
brenn1> shoot me?
kiter> I'm too good with a gun - I'd surely hurt ya
kiter> don't want to do that :)
kiter> hi carmie
brenn1> no no - don't HURT - I'm a wus when it comes to pain. Make sure you kill me
Foot Fetish
Beatly>Hmm. I had better get my toenail cut, it looks like it's going to go in again
Beatly>(foot servicing needed)
d8> i watched the bug trim his toenails...he uses sidecutters
brenn1> can we change the subject??
Beatly> Sidecutters?
Beatly> Not his teeth?

The Bug didn't put his foot in his mouth for a change.
Sunday, August 31, 2003
Slug, Sloth - What's the difference?
Gumdrop> I'm a secretary
Gumdrop> what about you?
brenn1> I'm a slug
brenn1> well, newtronic would tell you I'm a snail
newtronic> no, no, I wouldn't argue with you when you say you're a slug, not a snail
brenn1> you're a slug also, you know
newtronic> I prefer to be thought of as a sloth
Gumdrop> sloth's live longer than slugs
brenn1> then he is a sloth
and I'm a slug

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