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Wednesday, January 05, 2005
The Universe, Australia and music
Nikina - Which means that if you import a single grain of sand into Australia, then the Australian deserts will become one with the universe.
brenn1- I don't know if the universe is ready to handle that
Nikina- Just imagine all those cosmic kangaroos you'd get.
brenn1- sounds like a band: Cosmic Kangaroos
Nikina- Not a very good band, though.
brenn1- most aren't

Sunday, January 02, 2005
<Debbra> does anyone know how to get hold of a note?
<vaishnava> -DizzyB- /MSG DizzyB NOTES READ <# or ALL>
<Debbra> NOTES password changed to protect the innocent. and Debbra. READ ALL
<Debbra> well i messed that one up well:)
<vaishnava> i don't know how you can change your password
* Debbra injects everyone with forgetfullness syrum
<vaishnava> i can't remember why you needed to do that
<mbog> lol
<Debbra> do what?
<Grax> who are you people?
<Grax> and what are you doing in my TV?

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