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Saturday, July 19, 2003
Every dark cloud has a silver lining............
peterre> I've sprained my ankle.
Inkanyezi> ouch
Inkanyezi> but look on the bright side... you can't wash dishes with a sprained ankle
And here's a really praiseworthy philosophy of life
Kaydence> I think I should skp the yard work and go straight to the napping idea. I'll catch y'all later.
A new Match in the making.... ?
debpackin> and i seek an ultra intelligent witty kind amazing man
tef> I think you would be better off with just taking RDa and his biscuits
Strangeluv will do anything with his guitar for a buck
What is the difference between a guitar player and a pizza?
A pizza can feed a family of four.
Arryana shows off pictures of Tessa
Pictures of Tessa
Bookboa watches movies while on IRC
This way her movie reviews are "real time"
Ask her about "The Ring"

MiniFiend puts in a long over due appearance
But TheFiend is still missing
Friday, July 18, 2003
Rigger plans to return to Cuba in October
He won't see his wife until then.
Newtronic says the Goddess
The Goddess is now TWFKATG - The Wife Formally Known as The Goddess. A link to her website appears nearby.
Gershom puts in a rare appearance
Our long time channel friend Gershom shows up. He's been busy being the editor of some new magazines.
Thursday, July 17, 2003
Rosa has had her nick nicknapped.
You may see Rosa on the channel as Poiema.
Wenda is going to miss the birthday celebration for the famous Ms. HitProf on Saturday
Circumstances beyond her control...
Tempiest is back from vacation
Ask Tempiest about her trip to the Mountain Lake. She's been going there all her life.

Pilgrim's Progress or....
A Strange Stranger in a Land.

Check out Pilgrim's Progress for where the bug is now.
Bug in Montreal
Bug reports that some of these french speaking babes would complement a boy's cot. He adds that Tanbal is wearing him out. We can only hope that the two statements are unconnected.
Resats provides the Astronomy Picture of the Day
Astronomy Picture of the Day Take a look.
Wednesday, July 16, 2003
Inka is a collector
Inkanyezi is collecting the works of Paul Francis Jennings and is missing The Train to Yesterday, among others.
Please congratulate Arryana
On her new puppy, Tessa!

Her full name is "nelson's contessa von rebel"!
Newtronic thinks he is witty, but should know better
MajorJ> worked for me

MajorJ> altho my bum's asleep

newtronic> You've employed a bum? Was he holding up a sign, "will IRC for food?"
Inquiring minds want to know
When will Jetilium fix malton's computer so that she can upload pictures?
Britomart's pictures of a roach's visit
Bugs and other activities
Peterre's Page
If you like eggdrop soup, you should check out Peterre's Index Page
Johan has the power
AI_Johan would like you to look at Powerhouse Solutions Enterprises - Transparent Clustering Technology
Tuesday, July 15, 2003
Our thoughts are with astarte
as she battles an addiction to the following What a word
Grax's company... And it's all his.
Vorteon, LLC Take a look at Grax's company.
Today is Askal's birthday
Yay for Askal! Happy birthday, Askal!
Who is engrossed in Moby Dick
RDa Mr. newtronic...set royals and stuns'ls. We'll raise the white fish ere sundown.
newtronic Aye aye, Captain Ahab
newtronic I've heard that if you listen to your audio novels in your sleep you will subconciously start talking that way
The Crush on I-Zombie
Who has a crush on I-Zombie?

kiter - whoa, Debbra - cool!
Debbra - but id reallt just like to get on the next plane and go snuggle him

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