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Thursday, July 31, 2003
turtle has been thinking...
...about colouring her hair again, having recovered somewhat from the most recent bout of depression, and wants to say "hi", too.
RDa may become RDz
as a vicious nicknapper seems to have permanently set up shop as RDa in california.
Wednesday, July 30, 2003
Brenn shows up in an unexpected place after being declared missing.
but is finally pronounced real by Dizzy. Brenn didn't even apologize for worrying the channel.
oma007 is blissfully untouched by horror
oma007> what is a sitcom?
Tuesday, July 29, 2003
Nikina shows up
...and all she does is complain about not being in the blog.
You can tell the bug is having a good time
Sir_Roach > How could one not have a good time if one has the personal attention of a gorgeous lump of womanhood like kaydence for a couple of days?
Monday, July 28, 2003
the rat race
d8: jeez, my son has dsl now

d8: i
d8: f e e l
d8: s o
d8: s l o w

Grax: you think you're slow. I don't even have a son yet
RDa and the rat
I put the butter on the floor in the kitchen with the open doorway behind it. Sat in the living room with a good line of sight. Put the rifle on the table between me and the butter.

After waiting patiently for a while I saw the gent run across the doorway. I KNEW he'd soon be checking out the butter so I picked up the rifle and got a comfortable bead on that area with my elbows propped on the table.
That way I didn't have to move after he hove into view.

Single-shot Remington .22 of my youth.

Today I went and bought some pellet rounds.

An easy shot.

I have to shovel all the nasty, torn-down insulation out of that room before I'll know for sure I didn't get him.

newtronic> perhaps a stench will let you know
Kiter speculates as to the author of this blog
kiter said in discussing whether it was grax or not... "No, if it were grax, it'd be a lot funnier." The question is, Could Grax intentionally be less funny that he normally is to throw people off the track?
Malton Titivates the chat room
Ok, you'll have to ask Malton what that means
Sunday, July 27, 2003
An explaination of cutting edge dialog
Venn explains that, "She's suckin' diesel" means it's great/ok. She is "it" like a ship.
Escaping snake causes injury
<kiter> my snake was getting away, and I tried to climb back down too fast (and I was wearing flip-flops)
The discussion of Bamboo continues
#Mensa Bamboo Ltd discussions continued today and Grax released details of his company's research:

keep this very quiet but my company is working on using bamboo in breast augmentation. we call our product BamBoob

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