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Saturday, January 03, 2004
Happy Birthday, Wenda !!!
So young, so spry
But never shy
So nice, so bright
A pure delight
She laughs, she cries
She never lies
She walks, she cleans
The dirt unseen
So much to say
So much to do
So have your way
On your Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Wenda :)))))

Thursday, January 01, 2004
Speaking of HOGS
dbq> I am 6'6"
bookboa looks at dbq
dbq> waves down to book
bookboa waves down to brenn1
Wenda> poor little brennie
Wenda> I'll stand in between you 2
dbq> no one gets between me and book
dbq> right book?
bookboa> right dbq :)
brenn1 thinks bookboa is hogging all the men for herself
Dutch, Celts, Hogs and Understatements
Wenda> Were did you go for Hogmanay, ReinoudH?
ReinoudH> Hogmanay= ?
Wenda> it is a Celtic word I believe
Wenda> peterre should know
ReinoudH> well, I'm no celt ...
Wenda> clanger most certainly would
clanger> and oddly, I don't know the origin of hogmanay
clanger> it may be a corruption of oidhche bliadhna ur
ReinoudH> the word 'corruption' may be an understatement, however ....

Wednesday, December 31, 2003
Wenda has a Happy New Year's Surprise!
WOW! Will wonders never cease?

Wenda>Well, I was walking the dogs in the woods, and I saw something shining in the sand. Normally I wouldn't have bothered, but I started digging with my boot.

And what came up????

The golden necklace that I lost 4 years ago with the handmade tibetan terrier that my mother gave me 10 years ago!

Congratulations Wenda, and Happy New Year!
Sunday, December 28, 2003
Happy Birthday Malton !
Yes, it's that time of year: Malton turns 39 again. We wish her a wonderful year and hope that next year she turns 40 :)

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