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Wednesday, July 21, 2004
Clanger, Bangers and Bubbles
brenn1> there are too many b's in here
brenn1> Invic, go back to your other nick
* bookboa is now known as not_a_b
* clanger is now known as b-clanger
Invictus`> lol
brenn1> arggggg
not_a_b> hehe
* Invictus` is now known as bInvictus
* b-clanger is now known as banger
brenn1> !!!
brenn1> you're too young
banger> for what?
banger> a banger is a type of sausage
banger> or a noisy old car
banger> or someone who bangs bits of, say, wood together
bInvictus> bangers and mash
banger> oh, and it's a type of firework
bInvictus> bubble and squeak is the other good one

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