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Monday, April 26, 2004
Meet Frank !
* daphers wraps clanger up in a tartan and duct tape
clanger> mmmm mmm daphers!
clanger> oh wait you didn't gag me
clanger> oy! let me out!
clanger> I really don't want to revise this afternoon :(
daphers> ya don' mind a nice fergie tartan do ya?
clanger> fergie?
daphers> <----is a fergie
clanger> oh, ferguson
clanger> to be brutally frank, I don't know much about tartans.
daphers> thank you frank, neither do i
* daphers introduces brutal frank to the channel...
malton> hi brutal are you?
* daphers prods clanger to answer
daphers> *poink*
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