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Sunday, September 07, 2003
Basic Food Groups vs peterre
bookboa>the next segment is about deep fried twinkies
peterre> What are twinkies?
bookboa> a noxious pastry, peterre
brenn1>oh yes, they're truly horrible. And one of the basic food groups along w/ coke, pizza and chocolate
peterre> And then you make them truly horrific by frying them?
peterre> It sounds as though increased Twinkie consumption could be the answer to the pensions crisis.
peterre> along with Coke
Britomart> did I not tell you about the deep fried pizza ?
Britomart> hey I took the roach to a krispee kreeme here
peterre> What's krispee kreeme?
bookboa> respectable twinkie, peterre :)
peterre> When did ppl over there stop eating real food?
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